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If you owe the IRS over $10,000 and can't pay, you must read this….

You know how the IRS uses wage levies, bank levies, tax liens and property seizures to collect taxes you can't pay.  You know they have an army of lawyers, tax collectors and auditors to intimidate you. 

Between 2000 and 2008 IRS levies increased an incredible 1,097%.  IRS Tax Liens increased a huge 167%.  Levies and liens continue to jump every year after 2000.  Why?

  • The government needs the money.

  • Politicians hate raising taxes.  It loses them votes.

  • The IRS budget has increased for enforcement and collections.

You have rights as a taxpayer.  Do you know them?  The IRS won't tell you.

You have options to resolve tax debt you can't pay.  Do you know them?  The IRS won't tell you.

Well, what we at US Tax do is negotiate the best possible solution for you allowable under the law.  Never  talk to the IRS again.  Let U S Tax Speak for you.  We know your options.  We know your rights.  We'll make sure you get them.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Wanda King.  Chances are you haven't heard of me before.  But when you finish reading this you'll be glad you finally did.

As an Enrolled Agent (a tax professional Federally licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS) for over 10 years I've helped hundreds of people like you solve their IRS problems.  Let them tell you how.

S M is a retired country songwriter who owed the IRS over $70,000.  We settled his debt for $1000.                                                                                                                      
“… I could never begin to tell you how much you have helped my life.  You have acquired a lifelong friend and believer in your ability and goodness and truthfulness….  I don't do "hits" but me and God will put a bad hurt on somebody whut mess wif you.”


J B is retired and living on Social Security.  The IRS threatened to levy his Social Security.  He owed the IRS $42,500.  We settled for $2,500.                                  
"You have relieved me of a 10-year debt that has overshadowed my whole life.  Any credit had become out of the question.  I can't express my gratitude."


"Jerry helped to solve a 10-year-old tax lien in excess of $70,000.  Through the efforts of US Tax Solutions, we successfully negotiated our offer in compromise for only $3000!  Thank you Jerry!"


You were the third person I contacted to work on my case which took a total of nine years to complete.  There were times when I thought it would never be resolved.  Thank you for supporting me through the process and helping me regain my life!  God bless you all for never giving up!"


"I have been living with this IRS black cloud following me for so many years, I felt as if I would never get out from under… Now I feel like the clouds have lifted and the sunshine is back!  I can once again live a normal life…"


IRS Problems Have a Way of Ruining All Aspects Of Your Life. They Take A Toll On You Financially, Physically, and Emotionally. You Can Never Really Forget About Them Because They Always Come Back Each Morning When You Wake Up!

I don't know what the IRS thinks, but I do know that they ruin people's lives every day with their ridiculous penalties. IRS penalties were supposed to be a slap on the hand to make you learn from your mistakes. But instead, they are used as a hammer to pound you so far into the ground that there are only a few options on how to get out.

What Do They Expect You To Do With Federal Tax Liens on Your Credit Report?

How Can You Possibly Get a Loan To Pay Them Off, When Your Banker Won't Even Talk To You?  Federal Tax Liens prevent you from being able to borrow any money for a car or a home. Taxpayers with IRS Problems often have to shop at "Buy Here, Pay Here", car lots.  These car dealers don't care if you have a Federal Tax Lien, because they charge so much for the cars and usually have very high interest rates.

Cars are expensive enough without having to pay 18% to 21% interest on a used car loan.  But with a Federal Tax Lien you don't have any choices. The banks have gotten so tough on opening new bank accounts that anyone with a Federal Tax Lien is usually prevented from even having a simple checking or savings account.

This makes it hard on some taxpayers to cash their paychecks or to pay monthly bills. Often they have to pay more money and use money orders or certified checks, just to pay their rent or utility bills.  


If you own a home and then find yourself owing the IRS, you could be making house payments on your home that effectively was owned by the IRS. Once they file a Federal Tax Lien on your home, you can't sell it without paying off the IRS. This means that you continue making the monthly payments, continue to take care of the home, and the IRS just sits there and waits. You pay all the bills on your home and they get all the equity. What a Deal!

 Taxpayers with IRS Problems always have to look over their shoulder for the IRS! 

Once you owe the IRS money, they become very aggressive in their collection attempts. One of the more common collection methods the IRS uses is the LEVY! 

They will use either a Bank Levy or a Wage Levy. If you're lucky enough to still have a bank account, the Bank Levy allows the IRS to present your bank with a piece of paper that requires the bank to immediately withdraw all the money you have in the account to pay the IRS. Many times these Bank Levies are wrong, but the IRS doesn't care. It's up to you to correct the problem. Meanwhile, the checks you've written are bouncing all over town. 

As Bad as The Bank Levy Is, The Wage Levy (Garnishment) Is Much Worse!


The bank levy is a one shot deal. Meaning that the IRS must continue to issue a new Bank Levy every time they want to clean out your bank account. The Wage Levy (Garnishment) is much, much worse. It's designed to bring you to your knees. 

The Wage Levy is issued to your employer and it instructs the employer to immediately start withholding ridiculously high amounts of money to pay old tax liabilities in addition to the normal taxes being withheld. Wage Levies often result in you only receiving a few hundred dollars per pay period. This usually makes it impossible to pay your bills and eat. The IRS knows that Wage Levies cause all types of harm to you and your family, but they mail out thousands every day. 

The IRS Pulls Out All Of The Stops. They Simply Seize your Assets and Sell Them At Auction! 

Getting the IRS mad enough at you to seize your assets is not that difficult. Many taxpayers with IRS Problems simple cannot bear to part with all kinds of possessions. For example:

·        Autos

·        Boats

·        Motorcycles

·        Real Estate

·        Retirement Funds

·        Insurance Policies

·        Antiques

·        Collectibles

·        Jewelry 

All of these things may be very personal or sentimental in value to you. The IRS could care less. If you won't agree to whatever the IRS wants, then you risk having your assets seized. Do not underestimate any IRS employee's ability to follow through on the threat of seizure. Every IRS office in the country has a public list of recently seized assets and details about the upcoming IRS auction to sell those seized assets. 

Imagine Having the IRS Attack Your Pension, Retirement or Social Security Check! 

The IRS leaves no stone unturned in its never-ending quest to collect all taxes, penalties and interest.  Sure, people think the IRS can't or won't levy retirement funds. They hope that when they get old, the IRS will forget about them and how much they owe the IRS. 

Don't believe it.  The IRS never forgets! They just keep adding penalties to what you owe each day until they find you, or your money, or your income source. Then it's Pay Day for the IRS. 

There Is No End In Sight 

You just get up every day with this incredible large problem on your shoulders. You wonder if today's the day when the IRS shows up at work, at home, or if they decide to levy your bank account or paycheck. It's a large load to bear every day. Most people around you don't know what you're going through. You just keep going, but you know in your heart that doing nothing about your IRS Problems is not going to make them go away. 

Are There Ways Out of IRS Problems? 

Absolutely!  When you decide its time to end the nightmare, here's how we work to solve your tax problem: 

1.     We file a power of attorney with the IRS.  Never talk to the IRS again.  Let U S Tax speak for you.  You continue to receive copies of all correspondence.  We handle all contacts with the IRS. 

2.     We sneak a peek at your IRS records:

·        How much do they think you owe?

·       What unfiled tax returns are required before proceeding?

·       What income has been reported to the IRS by others?

·       When will the statute of limitations for collection of your tax liability expire? (Nice to know, huh?) 

3.     We analyze your finances to structure the best solution for you:

·        Offer in compromise (if you qualify).

·        Payment plan or "currently not collectible" status.

·        Penalty abatement.

·        Tax lien discharge or subordination.

·        Bankruptcy discharge of taxes. 

4.     We file any missing tax returns.  The IRS won’t agree to any solution until these returns are filed. (more info)

5.     We negotiate your resolution with the IRS. 

6.     We follow-up to be certain the IRS lives up to their side of the bargain and releases tax liens as agreed. 

Here's what all of this means to you:

     ·        You never have to talk to the IRS again.

·        You get a settlement at the least possible cost to you.

·        Never worry about the IRS again.

o       Get your life back.

o       Own a home and a car without worrying about the IRS coming to take it.

o       Have a bank account.

o       Save for a secure retirement. 

If all this sounds good to you, call (888) 828-1040 now  to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.  If it’s after normal business hours, click here to have us call you.  Start now on the road to getting your life back. 

My Personal Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, or I Don’t Want You to Pay Me a Dime

It’s simple, really.  We are going to bust our tails to make sure you are taken care of.  If we don’t do a good job, tell us.  If we can’t make it right to YOUR satisfaction, we’ll give you your money back.

1.  I promise to advise you how best to resolve your tax problem.

2.  If you qualify, I promise to negotiate the LOWEST possible settlement or payment allowed by the IRS.

3.  FEE GUARANTEE: The fee quoted covers our complete service. This fee will not increase no matter how many hours we have to work on your case.

4.  I promise that if we don’t bend over backwards to help and you’re not satisfied with US Tax efforts to help you deal with the IRS, I will refund your money…period.

 Now that’s a real “NO RISK, all your bases are covered” quadruple guarantee.  I Promise

                                                                Wanda King, EA

Here's what we can't guarantee:

SPECIFIC RESULTS.  While Congress makes the tax laws, it's pretty much up to the IRS to interpret what those laws mean.  For example, an offer in compromise is 100% at the discretion of the IRS.  No court can force them to compromise. 

The IRS has established a complex, detailed set of rules governing compromises.  IRS employees interpret and apply those rules.  They don't always do so in a fair and realistic way.   

While it's our job to be sure the IRS follows the rules, the bottom line is that the final decision still rests with the IRS.  For this reason, we can't guarantee specific results no matter how much we would like to. 

Finally, you can end your IRS nightmare, Get your Life Back and Sleep at Night. 

Let’s be realistic.  At US Tax, we recognize we can’t solve everyone's IRS problem to their satisfaction.  We're very selective about the cases we accept.  We simply don’t take every case.  To find out if you qualify, call or email US Tax now. 

I Promise, If I take your case, I will solve your problem.

Wanda King, EA

For a free 30 minute consultation to determine if you qualify to have US Tax take your case, call (888) 828-1040 today or e-mail contact information to Wanda@USTaxSolutionsInc.com.  You will discuss your case in depth with the person who will be responsible for solving your tax problem.   

  • You will have your questions answered.
  • You will learn the options available to deal with your IRS problem.
  • You will learn if you qualify to have US Tax take your case.
  • You will learn the fixed fee cost to have US Tax represent you. There are no hourly open-ended fees.
  • If you are not comfortable with the plan we propose or your chances of success, you are under no obligation to proceed.  You are in control.  It’s your decision.  Is that fair?
  • You get all of this for no front end cash investment.


Never Talk to the IRS Again.  Let U S Tax Speak for You.


Look, 30 days from now you can be nothing more than a month older-or
you can be well on your way to ending your tax problem. 

You decide.

Call or email me today. 

Wanda King
Enrolled Agent

US Tax Solutions
4510 Hixson Pike Suite E.
Hixson, TN 37343

(888) 828-1040




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